Who can benefit from Take a Seat?

Those people for whom movement doesn’t come easily due to:

• achy joints
• arthritis
• less-than-great balance
• abundant bodies
• surgery
• wheel chair-assistance
• pregnancy

It also includes:

• people who sit at a desk all day
• those with disabilities
• seniors
• anyone with health issues that require an alternative form of exercise.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the integration of mind, body, and spirit which are fundamental to the traditional practice of yoga, you will:

• build muscle strength and flexibility without the fear of falling,
• increase muscle tissue, which  accelerates one’s metabolism
• reduce pain and stiffness from achy joints
• decrease blood sugar levels
• increase lung capacity
• reduce stress and feel a sense of calm through deep yoga breathing which readjusts the central nervous system.

The bottom line is that most of us feel good after exercise.  Physical exercise is good for our mental health and for our brains, as well as our bodies. Someday we will understand it all better—but we can start exercising today.