Yoga in the Workplace

Take a Seat! Chair Yoga offers on-premise classes for corporations or businesses which are interested in their employees’ well-being. Chair yoga, because it is not strenuous, doesn’t require one to change into work-out clothing or shower afterwards in the middle of the day. All yoga movements are done while seated on a chair, which means that no special equipment is needed – just a quiet room with seats that allow a little space between them.

Chair yoga offers the opportunity to:

•stretch tense backs and necks which may tighten up in a high pressure environment and cause pain and headaches.
•strengthen the body without engaging in heavy-duty exercise.

This practice is excellent for:

•the reduction of stress
•clearing the mind so that employees can return to their work after lunch in a calmer, state
•increased productivity.

A regular practice of yoga:

•decreases anxiety
•improves the memory
•enhances the ability to concentrate.

To begin to make a difference in your workplace or if you have questions, call Beth at 203-912-8851.